Stress Coaching

Stress is a state of overburdening that our mental and physical systems experience and react to. It can be a complex condition, but it can be alleviated! And I would like to support you in that.

Stress coaching contributes to

A healthy working environment

Motivation and job satisfaction

Higher productivity

Stress coaching – a coupling between leadership and stress handling

Leadership is a complex task. Often, there are multiple and possibly opposing needs and maybe there are less ressources available. Many leaders experience a cross pressure between requirements from the top and teams or individuals who ask for more ressources.

Therefore, many leaders experience symptoms of stress. It is important to indentify and respond to the signals in time to avoid exacerbating the situation and eventually becoming ill.

Stress coaching is appropriate, when you or one of your coworkers

  • Feel overburdened
  • Is restless and find it difficult to concentrate
  • Lose the overview
  • Find it difficult to make decisions
  • Forget appointments
  • Underperform, compared to your usual level of performance
  • Are tired or get poor sleep
  • Change behaviour and react differently than usual

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

William James

Why stress coaching?

As a leader, you have the responsibility for your own and others work life. As a leader, you are a role model and your way of working affects the whole organisation. Therefore, it is important to be aware of your own workload and well-being or lack thereof, as well as of your co-workers’ workload and well-being.

Thriving at work is a product of a healthy balance between resources and requirements. But we experience the same requirements differently. Thus, attentive leadership is essential for upholding the wellbeing of co-workers, reducing absenteeism, increasing productivity and quality in the organisational unit(s), whether you are leading a team, a department, or a company.

Your benefit of stress coaching is typically


  • Methods and tools, which restores a healthy balance and alleviates the concrete situation
  • A plan for how to achieve alleviation, recovery, and support along the way


  • A proactive approach to prevention and handling of stress
  • Knowledge about stress and how to handle it on multiple levels within the organisation

How is stress coaching conducted?

If you feel stressed

Stresscoaching is about finding micro strategies that help each individual to move on from a situation that they find burdensome. Stress coaching can be concluded with a short mental training session. Mental training is an evidencebased method that adjusts your neural network, so it helps you change your thoughts and your situation. The combination of stress coaching and mental training is well tested and effective.

Stress impacts us in different ways, so each stress coaching process will be tailored to the needs of the particular person and situation. Conversations can be online or in person.

During the first meeting, the situation will be clarified along with the frame for the conversations. Conversations are confidential.

If you experience that others send signals of overload

If you observe signals of overload from others, you need to take measures to relieve the overload as soon as possible and offer professional help, i.e. stress coaching.

Knowledge in the organisation

It is helpful to create shared knowledge about stress and a shared approach to preventing and managing stress. Stress needs to be addressed at multiple levels: organisational, managerial, group, and individual levels. If your organisation does not already have a policy for preventing and managing stress, it would be helpful to develop one and follow up with relevant initiatives. This should be tailored to the specific organisation.

Your stress coach

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