Leadership Coaching

Organisations in all sectors are facing complexity and change at an increasingly rapid rate. Coaching is one of the most effective ways to support leaders at all levels in meeting and handling the specific challenges.

Leadership coaching contributes to

Strengthened communication

A higher level of self-awareness and confidence

Increased productivity and results

Why leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching is focused one-on-one conversations about your/the coachee’s leadership challenges and goals. The conversations are held in a confidential and reflective space with the purpose of exploring the concrete challenges and finding new answers and options for action. Coaching is relevant for leaders at all levels of an organisation. For instance at the strategic level, executive coaching, or middle managers, who are implementing change, or who might want to work on their personal leadership profile.

A leader can be in many different situations where he/she needs sparring.

Coaching is helpful when you need to

  • Clarify the need for change – for yourself or in your organisation
  • Clarify leadership challenges for yourself, your team or your organisation
  • Reflect on how you navigate in an organisational context
  • Work with your relations to important stakeholders
  • Handle challenges and conflicts
  • Find or adjust you personal leadership style
  • Prepare difficult conversations
  • Handle overload and stress (stress coaching)

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It’s helping them to learn rather than teaching them”.

Tim Gallwey

Meet leadership coach Berit Daugaard

Why leadership coaching?

As a leader, you probably know the feeling of having to make fast decisions, because there is not enough time to stop and reflect on the potential impact of your decision. There might not be anyone available to discuss potential solutions with. It can be lonely to have responsibility. This is where leadership coaching comes in. It can be an advantage for you, as a leader, to have someone to share your thoughts with. An external person who can challenge your thinking, help you to explore things from different perspectives, and create space for reflection, so you make a well-founded decision. Your benefit of coaching is typically

Your benefit of coaching is typically

  • Taking action on concrete problems
  • More focus and clarity
  • A higher level of self-awareness and reflection
  • Awareness of how the quality of your relations also influence your results
  • Trying new ideas and ways to act

How is leadership coaching conducted?

In the introduction call we explore your challenges and goals. Based on that we plan a process that suits your situation.

A coaching process typically consist of a series of conversations with some weeks in between. Some leaders choose a ‘package’ with say five conversations of 1.5 hours with a specific focus. Others choose a longer process, where the coach becomes a reflection partner over a period of time.


Typically, there is a reflection task between conversations. The process can by supplemented with a psychometric profile and other leadership tools.

Conversations can be held online, face-to-face in Copenhagen or over the phone, depending on geography and preferences. The process is always tailored to the individual leader.

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